, Volume 92, Number 5

Commissioning Editor, International Affairs
Our September issue marks a return to IA’s typical range and breadth of coverage, after the July special issue on China and May’s section on Brexit. In the featured article for this issue, Sara E. Davies and Belinda Bennett examine the gender differential in health outcomes for victims of the Ebola and Zika crises. They highlight the disproportionate impact that such crises have on women, not only from a health perspective but also in terms of economic andsocial factors. In particular, they analyse the ‘women-specific advice’ which was distributed during the Ebola and Zika emergencies, revealing the incorrect assumption of gender equality in the regions affected. Their article reasserts the importance of gender-sensitive policy-making on the part of the governments and NGOs which respond to global health emergencies. Elsewhere in the issue Robert Falkner provides an initial reflection on the 2015 Paris Climate Change Agreement, while Michele Acuto and Steve Rayner demonstrate the growingrole of global ‘city networks’ in international diplomacy. African countries are the focus of three articles: the use of Information Communications Technology by government authorities in Somaliland is assessed by Alice Hills; Kristof Titeca and Daniel Fahey look at differing representations of rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo; and Alex Vines contributes a review article on Angolan politics. These are just a selection of the many fascinating pieces of research in our new issue. Several of the authors have contributed supplementary commentaries related to their articles, which will be published over the next month on our Medium blogsite. Follow our profile by clickinghere, and keep up with the latest International Affairs news, content and editorials.