4 April 2007

Forty years after the West Indies Federation collapsed, seven Caribbean experts-including academics and practitioners-take a fresh look at the economic challenges facing the small states of the Commonwealth Caribbean.


Edited by Gordon Baker


This edited volume assesses the policy options and business opportunities for small island states thrust from post-colonial protection into a fast changing, externally driven and intensely competitive global marketplace where most have few natural advantages, and where some may be ill equipped to survive.

Includes chapters from:

  • Anthony T. Bryan, Center for Strategic and International Studies, University of Miami
  • Trevor Carmichael QC, Deputy Secretary General of the International Bar Association
  • Winston Dookeran, Weatherhead Centre for International Affairs, Harvard
  • Adonna Jardine-Comrie, Department of Geography and Geology, University of the West Indies
  • David Jessop, Executive Director of the Caribbean Council
  • Martin Lodge, ERSC Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation, LSE
  • Lindsay Stirton, ERSC Centre for Competition and Regulation, University of East Anglia
  • Elizabeth Thomas-Hope, Head of the Environmental Management Unit, University of the West Indies

Gordon Baker is an Associate Fellow of Chatham House and chairman of the Caribbean Study Group.