European Security and the Transatlantic Relationship

Tuomas Forsberg & Graeme P Herd

This book analyses the genesis and process through which transatlantic strategic dissonance now defines a divided West. It contends that constructive strategic dissonance has the potential to best manage a complex and pressing global security agenda.

'Quietly but effectively challenging the official myth that the crisis is now past, Forsberg and Herd reveal beyond all possible doubt that the trauma that arose as a result of Iraq and 9/11 still remains unresolved, and in official circles at least, little understood …'

- Professor Michael Cox, London School of Economics

'This book make uneasy but essential reading for Atlanticists and Europeanists: it plunges deep into the divide that is today's West and pulls no punches about the implications of strategic dissonance.'
- Julian Lindley-French, Centre for Applied Policy, University of Munich

'Divided West makes a unique contribution to a vast literature on transatlantic relations: the authors offer a lucid theoretical framework in which the current transatlantic imbroglio is clinically dissected... the most thorough and thought provoking book available in the field.'
- Peter van Ham, Clingendael Institute, The Hague

This book is structured around an analysis of five Europes - 'Atlantic', 'Core', New', 'Non-Aligned' and 'Periphery'. It argues that transatlantic strategic discord now defines and will remain an enduring feature of the Euro-Atlantic security environment. Such discord, if recognized and managed, has constructive potential for tackling a complex and pressing global security agenda.