1 June 2006

This book analyses the genesis and process through which transatlantic strategic dissonance now defines a divided West. It contends that constructive strategic dissonance has the potential to best manage a complex and pressing global security agenda.


Tuomas Forsberg & Graeme P Herd


'Quietly but effectively challenging the official myth that the crisis is now past, Forsberg and Herd reveal beyond all possible doubt that the trauma that arose as a result of Iraq and 9/11 still remains unresolved, and in official circles at least, little understood …'

- Professor Michael Cox, London School of Economics

'This book make uneasy but essential reading for Atlanticists and Europeanists: it plunges deep into the divide that is today's West and pulls no punches about the implications of strategic dissonance.'
- Julian Lindley-French, Centre for Applied Policy, University of Munich

'Divided West makes a unique contribution to a vast literature on transatlantic relations: the authors offer a lucid theoretical framework in which the current transatlantic imbroglio is clinically dissected... the most thorough and thought provoking book available in the field.'
- Peter van Ham, Clingendael Institute, The Hague

This book is structured around an analysis of five Europes - 'Atlantic', 'Core', New', 'Non-Aligned' and 'Periphery'. It argues that transatlantic strategic discord now defines and will remain an enduring feature of the Euro-Atlantic security environment. Such discord, if recognized and managed, has constructive potential for tackling a complex and pressing global security agenda.