16 February 1999

This book analyses key issues in this increasingly controversial arena.


Duncan Brack

Associate Fellow, Energy, Environment and Resources

Halina Ward


As liberalization of global trade and investment accelerates, what happens to the environment? Does foreign direct investment mean forsaking environmental protection? Or do multinational corporations export higher standards when they invest abroad? Can a powerful trading nation ban imports of tropical timber produced unsustainably? Should the World Trade Organization take the views of industry or environmental groups into account when deciding? Must world trade rules be changed to accommodate environmental concerns? This book analyses key issues in this increasingly controversial arena and includes contributions from Renato Ruggiero, former Director General of the WTO; The Rt Hon Brian Wilson MP, former UK Minister of Trade; Dr Magda Shahin, Deputy Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs at the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Pradeep Mehta, Secretary General, Consumer Unity & Trust Society, India; and Dr Michel Potier, Head of the Economics Division at the OECD's Environment Directorate.


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