1 August 2008

This book examines the history behind the Mutual Defence Agreement and the broader significance of the US-UK nuclear relationship.


As the US and the UK commemorate five decades of their special nuclear relationship embodied in the Mutual Defence Agreement (MDA), Chatham House and CSIS came together to examine the history behind the agreement and the broader significance of the US-UK nuclear relationship.

Senior and former senior officials, scientists, academics and industry representatives who have been involved in the implementation of the MDA were enlisted to recount their experiences in retrospective and prospective essays and oral histories.

US-UK Nuclear Cooperation: An Assessment and Future Prospects, edited by Jenifer Mackby and Dr Paul Cornish, is the resulting collection of histories, analyses, and anecdotes. It describes the dramas leading up to the signing of the MDA, the period of political partnership and technical collaboration since then and future challenges facing the relationship in a radically changed security environment.

Edited by Jenifer Mackby and Paul Cornish.

Foreword by John J Hamre and Robin Niblett.

Contributors: Roy M Anderson, Lynton Brooks, Andrew Brown, Tara Callahan, Alan B Carr, Tim Hare, Brian P Jamison, Mark Jansson, Ken Johnston, Robert G Joseph, Steve Ludlam, Clive Marsh, Franklin C. Miller, Keith O'Nions, Frank Panton, Robin Pitman, Michael Quinlan, Jeffrey H Richardson, Eric Ridge, Peter Roberts, Peter Sankey, Glenn M Segell, John Simpson, Kristan Stoddart, Troy E Wade, Michael J Weaver, Richard Weitz.