We welcome unsolicited articles. Authors may expect to hear a decision within three months of acknowledgment. All articles are independently and confidentially refereed prior to publication.

Articles should be original and should not be under consideration elsewhere. Articles should be between 7,000 and 9,000 words, including footnotes. These should be kept to manageable proportions, and be presented as footnotes automatically numbered in Word. Authors are asked to write clearly and economically and to avoid academic or technical jargon as International Affairs spans a wide range of fields. Acronyms should be spelled out in full when used for the first time.

It is recommended that authors have their articles checked by a native speaker of English prior to submission; this will ensure that peer reviewers judge submissions exclusively on academic merit.  

All new manuscript submissions should be made at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/inta, where authors can upload the manuscript and any other material they would like to communicate to Commissioning Editor Andrew Dorman. In addition to the main text document, authors will also need to submit an abstract of around 200 words and a biography of around 120 words. For details on using ScholarOne as an author or peer reviewer, see below

For any general queries please contact Editorial Assistant Leah de Haan at [email protected].

International Affairs Style Guidelines

Download 'House Style - International Affairs' below. Where not specified, follow the Concise Oxford dictionary, Hart's rules, and the Oxford dictionary for writers and editors. Whenever in doubt, refer to Judith Butcher, Copy-editing.

Notes for Book Reviewers

Download 'Notes for Book Reviewers' below.


Footnotes should include the following information: author name; title of work; (for a book) place of publication, publisher, date and page reference; (for an article) journal title, issue number, year and page reference. Please avoid ibid., loc. cit. and use short titles to refer to works already cited: e.g. Henry Kissinger, A world restored: Metternich, Castlereagh and the problems of peace, becomes Kissinger, A world restored. Footnotes should be presented as follows:


Robert Service, Russia: experiment with a people (London: Pan Macmillan, 2002), p. 103.
Subsequent mentions: Service, Russia, p. 420.


Stanley Hoffman, 'US-European relations: past and future', International Affairs 79:5, October 2003, pp. 1029-1044.
Subsequent mentions: Hoffman, 'US-European relations', p. 1035.

Articles in books:

Laurence D. Weiler, 'No first use: a history', in David N. Schwarz, ed., NATO's nuclear dilemmas (Washington DC: Brookings, 1983).
Subsequent mentions: Weiler, 'No first use'.
Authors will be sent proofs of articles for checking on the understanding that they must return them within four days of receipt. 25 offprints will be supplied free of charge on publication. Contributors of accepted articles will be asked to assign copyright to the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


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