1 April 2010


Chatham House


This conference took place on the second anniversary of the first India-Africa Forum held in New Delhi in 2008. Although India and the African continent have been closely linked through long-established trade roots, there has been too little debate and analysis on India in Africa and this conference was an effort to provide a platform for a more balanced and focused debate, away from the existing overemphasis on China and its efforts in Africa.

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The above paper was presented at a meeting in Delhi in December 2010 to increase policy understanding of this fast growing relationship between Africa and India. Other papers also presented at the conference include:

India's Africa Engagement: Prospects for the 2011 India-Africa Forum
Alex Vines, Chatham House
This paper looks ahead to track where future progress and challenges may lie.

The Changing Nature of Nigeria-India Relations
Parvathi Vasudevan
This paper offers a case study on a specific bilateral relationship from the point of view of an Indian scholar.