16 October 2010


Dr Paul Cornish
(Former Chatham House Expert)


  • This report offers a framework for assessing the quality and durability of the UK government's Strategic Defence and Security Review addressing the process leading to the 2010 review, and the purpose, the future and the value of security and defence in the context of the review.
  • Reviews of UK security and defence strategy usually fail, either because the mismatch between strategy and budget becomes too great, or because of a failure to identity and anticipate security and defence challenges as they evolve. If the SDSR is to succeed as a strategic plan it should be more than a product of the moment.
  • It should be possible for the Ministry of Defence to use an inadequate defence budget prudently and cleverly, by investing in resources which will maximize value. What is required is a shift in emphasis from defence 'inputs' - weapon systems, equipment and force postures - to strategic 'outputs' - the functions required to ensure national security and defence in a challenging and changing environment.
  • A debate on national strategy should explore the full spectrum of security possibilities to establish, first of all, where UK national interest and values will be most urgently and unavoidably engaged.

This report forms part of the project on Rethinking the UK's International Ambitions and Choices.

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