1 July 2011


Alex Vines

Dr Alex Vines OBE

Research Director, Area Studies and International Law; Head, Africa Programme

Markus Weimer


  • Angola's commodity-based economy is tied to global oil and diamond prices, and is thus highly susceptible to exogenous shocks. The ability of the government to diversify the economy and open the business environment to attract investment in other sectors, such as agriculture, will be vital to ensuring long-term stability.
  • Urban poverty is a source of social strife. The ruling People's Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) will need to improve service delivery and quicken the pace of social reform to stave off potential unrest.
  • If mismanaged, the task of choosing a successor to President José Eduardo dos Santos could spark a destabilizing power struggle within the MPLA.

This is a Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) report. It is part of a series examining the risks of instability in 10 African countries over the next decade. More information can be found on the CSIS website.

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Project: Angola Forum