Workshop Report

Chatham House

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This is a summary of discussions that took place at a workshop held in Cairo in June 2011, bringing together a group of Egyptian activists, opposition party members, journalists and members of civil society organizations from across the political spectrum.

There were four key findings from the workshop:

  • Substantial elements of the old regime are still in place, represented by elements of the military, government labour unions, NDP-affiliated businessmen, local councils and others.
  • The political scene is fragmented, fractured along secular-religious lines and dominated by competition rather than cooperation.
  • A major rift has developed on the topic of constitutional reform, as a number of groups (particularly liberal and leftist) do not think the make-up of the next parliament will be conducive to an inclusive drafting process for the new constitution. However, an agreement on a bill of rights is a potential way out of this impasse.
  • Many groups are still being marginalized in the policy-making process, including young people and women. Parties have not yet managed to reach out to a wide constituency and need to develop programmes to address the needs of a cross-section of Egyptian society, particularly those in rural areas.
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