Programme Paper

Jessica Forsythe
Download paper in Arabic here
  • Yemenis repeatedly appeal to their wealthy neighbours, the GCC states, to alleviate their financial hardship. Improved access for Yemeni workers in the GCC labour markets, which would allow labourers to send remittances home to their families, is a consistent, priority demand.
  • However, the GCC states confront their own employment challenges, including efforts to nationalize their own workforces. This issue has risen as a domestic policy priority for each of the Gulf states, as the Arab Spring has thrown the regional problem of youth unemployment into sharp relief.
  • Yemeni workers suffer from an endemic skills deficit at all levels, which hampers their competitiveness and acts as a significant obstacle to their integration into GCC labour markets.
  • A recent Qatari-funded initiative to increase vocational training in Yemen, including strategic engagement with the private sector, provides a useful model for future efforts.
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