1 September 2011


Chatham House


This is a summary of discussions that took place at an event at Chatham House in September 2011. Bringing together British and UK based Yemenis from different backgrounds, the purpose of the meeting was to provide a space for open discussion of the diaspora's role in Yemen's political transition. It also aimed to produce recommendations for future action by participants.

Key findings:

  • Many Yemenis in Britain expect the international community to play a greater role in pressuring for regime change than it is doing at present.
  • Yemenis in Britain are extremely concerned by the worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen, and would like to see greater commitment from international donors.
  • Yemenis in Britain see the need for building closer connections both within the politically divided diaspora and between the diaspora and policy-makers and political leaders in the UK.
  • The Yemeni diaspora has a range of skills that can be used to support Yemen in a more direct manner. 

Event details.

Yemen Forum.