1 February 2012


Robin Niblett

Dr Robin Niblett CMG

Director, Chatham House


  • The real challenges to the existing international order will come not from the established or emerging powers, but from global forces that are beyond their control and also from those non-state entities and groups which seek to undermine the process of globalization that links all states and societies ever closer together. 
  • Ensuring the continuation and deepening of international order in the next decades will require governments in both the West and among the emerging powers to improve their domestic resilience to internal and external shocks and, to use deeper regional cooperation as a testing ground for higher levels of international cooperation. 

This essay is republished with permission from the Elcano Royal Institute (Real Instituto Elcano). The essay is taken from the book Globalización, crisis económica, potencias emergentes...Diez años decisivos para la transformación del mundo.