1 February 2012


Chatham House


This paper is a summary of the discussions which took place the during the fifth Libya Working Group meeting, convened at Chatham House in February 2012, to discuss policy suggestions and recommend action points for the international community with regards to the future of Libya. 

Key points that emerged: 

  • Libyans are growing increasingly frustrated with the pace of progress in the transition period.   
  • With challenges surrounding central authority and decision making, the National Transitional Council needs to communicate more effectively with the Libyan population.  
  • Reforms within the judicial system need to be addressed. 
  • Disparities in reconstruction need to be rectified: efforts have been focused solely on areas destroyed by Gaddafi's forces and areas destroyed by opposition forces have been neglected.
  • There is no reconciliation process underway - top level leadership need to articulate that Libya is for all Libyans, not merely the victors of the civil conflict.
  • Economic reconstruction should also address the need to create an inclusive economy, rather than reconfiguring class lines and reinforcing wealth disparities in line with political influence. 
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