1 April 2012


Chatham House


This is a summary of an International Roundtable held in New York in April 2012.

Against a background of renewed concerns about the eurozone, and IMF forecasts for a weak recovery in most advanced economies and significant downside risks for the global economy, discussion focused on policies needed to improve the outlook and increase the robustness of recovery.

  • Are the crisis resolution measures implemented to date enough to lift the eurozone out of crisis?
  • What is the impact on the global economy of the policies that systemically important countries have put in place to stem the crisis?
  • What are the long term prospects for fiscal sustainability in the developed world?
  • Will China’s moves to internationalize its currency and reform its financial sector help to rebalance the global economy If so, when?
  • How should the G20’s role in co-ordinating international policy develop?
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