1 July 2012


Claire Spencer

Dr Claire Spencer

Senior Research Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme & Second Century Initiative


This is a World Politics Review report. Download here.
  • Prior to the disruptions that have swept the Middle East and North Africa since 2011, Algeria had achieved a comfortable balance between its internal and external strategic priorities. 
  • Regional security threats, including spillover effects linked to the insurgent forces in Mali and the fallout from the Libyan conflict, plus the wave of democratization and post-Arab spring Islamist electoral victories, are making key external relationships less predictable and more difficult to manage.
  • Algeria now faces the challenge of repositioning itself both within a region in flux and in relation to its main international alliances with France, the US and - as its main supplier of arms - Russia. How it responds will determine its internal stability, its regional role and its relations with its foreign partners.