1 March 2012


Chatham House


This paper is a summary of the discussions which took place at a roundtable event held at Chatham House on 14 March 2012.

The discussion addressed two challenges Yemen currently faces: the 'Southern question'; and developing a 'national dialogue' process as stipulated by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) agreement.

Key points that emerged from the event included:

  • The 'Southern question' remains a key issue for Yemenis to address, and pro-independence sentiment is on the rise.
  • The security situation in the south is acute and deteriorating.
  • The Yemeni government needs to take confidence-building measures to bring southerners, and other previously excluded groups, into the national dialogue.
  • There remains a lack of clarity over certain aspects of the transition process, including representation in the national dialogue and security-sector reform.
  • In order to be successful the national dialogue needs to prioritize inclusive participation.
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