Evidence to Parliament

Project: US and the Americas Programme

Head, US and the Americas Programme; Dean, The Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs
This is written evidence submitted to the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, House of Commons, in August 2013.
  • The UK-US relationship is 'essential' and 'special' but not 'strategic'. More effort needs to be focused to ensure the two nations understand one another's strategic long-term interests rather than just dealing with the urgent fires.
  • With a more strategic perspective, there are huge opportunities for the UK and US to realize opportunities in their wider foreign policy and also avoid potential pitfalls when their interests don't align so closely.
  • The UK brings three principal benefits to the US: a) a voice in the European Union with similar interest; b) assets (military, diplomatic, intelligence and economic among others); and c) a different perspective. The UK should give itself more credit for what it brings and the importance of these to the US.