1 April 2014


Chatham House


This is a summary of discussions that took place at a roundtable discussion held on 2–3 December 2013 at Qatar University in Doha, Qatar. Part of Chatham House’s ‘Future Trends in the Gulf States’ research project, the discussion brought together a group of academics, civil society representatives, entrepreneurs, journalists and bloggers from different Gulf Cooperation Council states to discuss the evolving legal landscape in the GCC countries and the role of domestic politics and international norms in spurring legal changes. The discussions focused,in particular, on the impact of such changes on Gulf citizens and broader notions of citizenship.

The meeting was held under the Chatham House Rule and the views expressed are those of the participants. This document is intended to serve as an aide-mémoire to those who took part and to provide a general summary of discussions for those who did not.