In the first of our new series of interviews, Agnes Kigotho in Nairobi talks to activist Nafula Wafula (pictured) about how BLM has resonated in Kenya. She says the American movement for racial justice has opened up an important dialogue about inequality and police brutality, both seen as legacies of colonialism. 'If you want to create an impact, you need to find allies in every space,' she tells us.

Agnes: In terms of police brutality in Kenya, has there been significant progress or change since the eruption of the Black Lives Matter protests?

Nafula: I think there are two points to make here. First, if you look at the Black Lives Matter protest in the United States and then later spreading across the world, including to Kenya, then I do not think that this has impacted our policing in Kenya. Police brutality in Kenya happens in very different contexts and with very different approaches or mechanisms that are applied to address the issue.

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