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  • The World Today

    Timeline of Putin’s Syria campaign

    Alan Philps
  • The World Today

    Your country still needs you...

    War has not gone away and a modern state needs to have plans in place for conscription, writes Jill Sargent Russell

    Jill Sargent Russell is a military historian

  • The World Today

    How much longer will the EU keep paying?

    Israel may end up paying for Palestinians if the EU stops footing the bill, writes Phyllis Starkey

    Dr Phyllis Starkey was Labour MP for Milton Keynes SW from 1997-2010. She was Chairwoman of the All-Party Britain Palestine Group, and a PPS in the Foreign Office 2001-2005

  • The World Today

    The great stall of China

    Xi Jinping will need to manage expectations as economic growth falters, argues Kerry Brown
    Professor Kerry Brown
  • The World Today

    This is bad for the US

    The antics of Trump and co should worry America’s allies, argues Xenia Wickett
    Xenia Wickett
  • The World Today

    The longevity of the babushkas who stayed put

    Holly Morris on the women who prefer to brave radiation rather than leave their homes

    Holly Morris’s award-winning documentary, The Babushkas of Chernobyl, is being released across Europe this spring www.thebabushkasofchernobyl.com


  • The World Today

    What do our neighbours think?

    As the European Union lurches from financial meltdown to refugee crisis, the UK is about to hold a vote on pulling out. Most Europeans will have no say in the British referendum. A few niggles aside, Thomas Raines finds that the majority want the UK to remain.
    Thomas Raines
  • The World Today

    The iPhone jihadis

    Robert Fox looks at two books on the rise of Islamism

    Robert Fox is Defence Editor of the Evening Standard 

  • The World Today

    Germany: Please stay, it’s no time to stray UK

    For now, London and Berlin are allies, but this won’t last, writes Almut Möller

    Almut Möller is a senior policy fellow and head of the Berlin office of the European Council on Foreign Relations

  • The World Today

    A wit wooed by Rasputin

    Masha Karp enjoys the writings of a satirist shaken by the Red terror

    Masha Karp is a London-based journalist and translator