Guidelines for Contributors

If you are interested in writing for The World Today, please read the following notes before submitting proposals.

For more than sixty years The World Today has carried stimulating argument from policy-makers, journalists and academics. Your work will be read in hard copy in more than eighty countries and can be consulted in hundreds of libraries. The current edition is available to all to read on the Chatham House website.

Feature articles should be written in a clear and accessible style, with a consistent argument. They must appeal to a broad range of readers - from schools and businesses through the diplomatic and political worlds to academia. Avoid jargon. The magazine does not use footnotes.

Feature articles are generally 1,000 words, though some are longer. Please send proposals to [email protected]

The magazine normally expects contributors to cede copyright of their contributions. In these circumstances we allow re-publication without prior authorisation, provided that publication in The World Today is acknowledged and our website address included. Should you wish to retain copyright please let us know at the time of submission.