• Jargonbuster: Skirting around

    The habit of using long words where short ones will do has spawned a small dictionary of business-speak, and today’s first example is ‘monetization’. It became a vogue phrase in the early days of the internet, when newspapers started to put their articles online and then scratched their heads over how to make money out of them. Then it was adopted by people whose videos of their children doing funny things became popular on YouTube, and who wondered if they could cash in on their exhibitionism. 

    December 2015716

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  • Testing the Arab springs

    Sex and the Citadel: Intimate Life in a Changing Arab World
    Shereen El Feki, Vintage, £8.99

    December 2015716

    Claire Munoz Parry, manager, Centre on Global Health Security, at Chatham House 

  • Cameron’s Euro vote victory is far from certain

    David Cameron has outlined his plans for the renegotiation of Britain’s membership of the European Union and the concessions he intends to win in the hope that this will convince British voters to remain in the club when they cast their ballots in the forthcoming referendum.

    December 2015716Professor Matthew Goodwin
  • The Iron Lady’s magnetism

    New books cast the Thatcher-Gorbachev relationship in a harsher light

    December 2015716Alan Philps
  • 2015: Reasons to be cheerful

    Yes, it was grim, but there were events worth celebrating

    December 2015716

    Mary Dejevsky, columnist for The Independent

  • The roots of the Central African Republic's dysfunction

    Making Sense of the Central African Republic
    Edited by Tatiana Carayannis and Louis Lombard, Zed Books, £19.99

    December 2015716

    Bram Posthumus, freelance reporter and author of Guinea: Masks, Music and Minerals bramposthumus.wordpress.com


  • Europe’s terror challenge

    Islamic State gunmen brought death to the streets of Paris on November 13, leaving the European Union in a state of shock. This is a turning point at which Europe must decide how best to defend its way of life. The way forward should be guided by three principles: defending liberty, ensuring the equality of Muslim communities, and radically improving EU-wide security measures including exchange of information and defence of external borders

    December 2015716

    Jean-Marie Guéhenno, President and CEO of International Crisis Group, the independent conflict-resolution organization

  • Reading list: Myanmar

    Twilight over Burma: My Life as a Shan Princess
    Inge Sargent (Silkworm Books, £15.50)
    Magical yet true, the story of a young Austrian woman who fell in love with the last prince of the remote Shan state of Hsipaw and watched a feudal way of life eke out its final years. Her husband vanished after a military coup in 1962.

    December 2015716

    Michael Sheridan, Far East Correspondent of The Sunday Times since 1996

  • Middle Eastern regional rivalries

    The complexity of Middle Eastern politics plays into terrorists’ hands. Detente between Iran and Saudi Arabia is required before Gulf States are likely to share western priorities in Syria

    December 2015716Jane Kinninmont
  • Nawal El Sadaawi, Egyptian author

    Agnes Frimston talks to the Egyptian author of more than 50 books including Woman at Point Zero and The Face of Eve. She is one of the BBC’s 100 inspirational women of 2015

    December 2015716

    WT Staff