Young protester, Serbia. Photo: urbazon/Getty Images.
Research paper

Exploring Transatlantic Responses to Far-right Populism in Europe: Simulation Exercise

3 May 2018
A new paper summarizes the findings of a recent simulation exercise exploring how governments on both sides of the Atlantic might respond to a descent towards populist authoritarianism in an EU member state.
A ceremony marking the reopening of Benghazi port on 1 October 2017. Benghazi’s commercial port reopened after a three-year closure due to the conflict in the city. Photo: Abdullah Doma/AFP/Getty Images.
Research paper

Libya’s War Economy: Predation, Profiteering and State Weakness

12 April 2018
As Libya's war economy persists, prospects for the restoration of functioning central governance become more distant.
European Council President Donald Tusk speaks to US President Donald Trump as he welcomes him at EU headquarters in Brussels as part of a NATO meeting, 25 May 2017. Photo: Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images.
Research paper

The Future of the United States and Europe: An Irreplaceable Partnership

11 April 2018
How the EU responds to the Trump administration will be the hallmark of how it sees its role in the world, and how successful it will be in promoting its worldview.
Ships destroyed during fighting for Aden in 2015, Mualla Port, Aden, February 2016. Photo: Peter Salisbury.
Research paper

Yemen’s Southern Powder Keg

27 March 2018
An unintended consequence of the civil war is that the south of the country is rapidly moving towards outright autonomy. If a breakaway effort were to occur before the end of the war, it would undermine the UN-led peace process.
People pass by a billboard with an image of Russia's President Vladimir Putin and lettering 'Strong president - Strong Russia' in Saint Petersburg on 12 January 2018. Photo: OLGA MALTSEVA/AFP/Getty Images.
Research paper

Putin and Russia in 2018–24: What Next?

15 March 2018
As 2024 approaches, the question of who or what will replace Putin will come increasingly to the fore. 
Research paper

Russian Policy Across the Middle East: Motivations and Methods

21 February 2018
Engagement with Russia on the situation in the Middle East needs to be accompanied by readiness in the West to defend its own red lines in the region.
Pro-EU demonstrators fly a Union flag and an EU flag outside of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, central London, on 8 December 2017. Photo: DANIEL LEAL-OLIVAS/AFP/Getty Images.
Conference Paper

Anglo-Japanese Cooperation in an Era of Growing Nationalism and Weakening Globalization

13 February 2018
This paper brings together a summary of the discussions at the fifth and final event in the UK–Japan Global Seminar series, with an essay by Sir David Warren on the UK–Japan relationship in an age of populism.
A Heron drone on the runway at the Castor military camp in Gao, Mali, on 19 May 2017. Members of the German armed forces (Bundeswehr) have been deployed to the region as part of the UN mission named MINUSMA. Photo: Markus Heine/NurPhoto/Getty Images.
Research paper

Drones and the European Union: Prospects for a Common Future

5 February 2018
The debate over the use of drones is an opportunity for states to identify elements of military practice that their publics find uncomfortable or troubling, and to explain these areas of military operations in context. 
Father and daughter in their shelter in Goudoubo refugee camp, Burkina Faso, March 2017. Photo: Kwesi Annim.
Moving Energy Initiative

Prices, Products and Priorities: Meeting Refugees’ Energy Needs in Burkina Faso and Kenya

30 January 2018
As the number of displaced people increases, and aid budgets come under further pressure, the imperative to identify cost-effective and sustainable solutions for delivering energy to refugees is more pressing than ever.
Protesters critical of the recent election of Donald Trump as US president gather for a demonstration near the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, on 12 November 2016. Photo: Carsten Koall/Getty Images.
Chatham House Report

Transatlantic Relations: Converging or Diverging?

18 January 2018
While the path may be rocky in the short term, the longer-term fundamentals of the transatlantic relationship remain strong.