War in Syria

Chatham House experts explore the dynamics of the conflict within Syria and its regional implications.

As the war in Syria rages on, Chatham House research focuses on providing ground-based analysis on internal dynamics in Syria, exploring the cultural, social and political costs of the war, and examining the response of Syria’s neighbours to the refugee crisis.

Our work on Syria includes the Syria and its Neighbours Policy Initiative (2014- 17), a multiyear research project on the long-term impact of the conflict on neighbouring countries.

Currently, the focus is on Syria from Within, a project examining the internal dynamics of the Syrian conflict through ground-based analysis, while also providing a platform for Syrian experts and organizations.

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Demystifying the Syrian Conflict

A damaged ambulance in front of Arbin Hospital in eastern Ghouta after an airstrike. Photo: Getty Images.
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Attacks on Healthcare in Syria Look Like a Bloody Strategy of Forced Displacement


Analysing the Turkish Military Offensive in Syria


The Syrian Justice System: What Role do Non-State Courts Play?

Preparing food at the Ibad al-Rahman's Damascene Delicacies in Idlib, Syria. Photo by Omar Haj Kadour/AFP/Getty Images
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Cutting Off Civil Society Aid Will Strengthen – Not Weaken – the Armed Coalition in Idlib

Syrian people in Jarablus district in Syria after the area is freed from ISIS during Operation Euphrates Shield. Photo: Cem Ozdel/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images.
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Post-ISIS Governance in Jarablus: A Turkish-led Strategy

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Iconoclasm and strategic thought: Islamic State and cultural heritage in Iraq and Syria

Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. Photo: Getty Images.
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It’s Far Too Early to Talk of Return for Syrian Refugees

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Turkey’s post-2011 approach to its Syrian border and its implications for domestic politics

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The changing borders and borderlands of Syria in a time of conflict

A member of the Syrian Democratic Forces removes an ISIS flag after capturing the town of Tabqa. Photo: Getty Images.
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ISIS and the New War Economy

People demonstrate outside the offices of ISIS (ISIL) in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo on 6 January 2014. Photo: Mohammed Wesam/AFP/Getty Images.
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Local Community Resistance to Extremist Groups in Syria: Lessons from Atarib

5 May: Senior Russian military commander Sergei Rudskoi briefs on the situation in Syria. Photo: Getty Images.
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Putin’s ‘Safe Zones’ in Syria Are Nothing of the Kind

7 April: US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley at a Security Council meeting on Syria. Photo: Getty Images.
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US Missile Strikes Expose the Untenable Status Quo in International Law

A damaged hospital room in Aleppo on 14 August 2012. Photo: Phil Moore/Getty Images.
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Healthcare Should Not Become a Casualty of War

A Syrian refugee youth walks in an alley at an unofficial refugee camp in the village of Deir Zannoun in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, 31 January 2017. Photo: Joseph Eid/AFP/Getty Images.
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UN Humanitarian Coordination in Lebanon: The Consequences of Excluding Syrian Actors

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Syria: International Policy Options after Six Years of Failure

Damaged buildings in old Aleppo’s Jdeideh neighbourhood on 9 December 2016. Photo: George Ourfalian/AFP/Getty Images.
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Western Policy Towards Syria: Applying Lessons Learned

5 March: US convoy on the outskirts of Manbij in Syria. Photo: Getty Images.
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Syria Is Not Lost Yet

Syrian government forces tighten security in Homs after suicide attacks on 25 February. Photo: Getty Images.
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Al-Qaeda Shifts Back to Suicide in Syria