Analysing global perceptions of Donald Trump following his victory in the November 2016 US presidential election, and exploring the impact on America's place in the world.

Donald Trump has promised that his presidency will radically change the direction of US foreign policy and revitalise US domestic politics. Looking at the US from an external perspective, Chatham House experts analyse implications of this new approach for other countries to help them to understand how the new president's policies will affect them.

While there is great uncertainty about America’s foreign policy, the environment in which Trump operates is more concrete and provides some boundaries to his policy options. As was the case for his predecessors, Trump will face domestic as well as international constraints, from the role of Congress to the actions of other states.

A major programmatic focus of this work for Chatham House is carried out by the US and Americas Programme and its projects.

This section also houses content produced in the run-up to the 2016 US presidential election. 

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