The main conference hall at Chatham House underwent a major renovation project during summer 2008. This included both an overhaul of the physical space and a dramatic upgrading of its communications capacity.

Joseph Gaggero Hall at Chatham HouseJoseph Gaggero Hall at Chatham House

The Joseph Gaggero Hall is purpose-built for conferences, meetings and seminars. A raised platform 2m x 8m (approx) ensures excellent visibility for speakers and creates an intimate atmosphere for discussion.

Sound-proof partitions enable the hall to be converted into two smaller units, each with its own platform and entrance. Dimensions (approx) 18m x 7.5m (extension 14m x 5m).

The hall is named after Joe Gaggero (1927-2012) who was a long-standing member of Chatham House and whose support is enabling the institute to fulfil its mission to foster debate and share ideas.

A major renovation of the physical space saw the hall and entrance area redesigned and the ceiling height increased. New stage setup options were introduced to facilitate panel discussions, conversations, and major lectures. The technical capacity was also greatly increased to allow video-conferencing to involve outside speakers and webcasting capability to livestream events. 

The refurbishment was made possible by a gift from the Gaggero Foundation combined with the many contributions we received from members via the Annual Fund appeal.

Chatham House remains indebted to Sir John Power and his family (after whom the institute's first conference hall in the garden behind 10 St James's Square was named). The name of the hall was transferred to the current space when it was adapted into a conference hall in the 1960s following the redevelopment of the site.

Theatre-style: 250
Large half-hall theatre-style: 110
Small half-hall theatre-style: 96
Small half-hall seating in a square: 28

Simultaneous interpretation facilities
Video satellite conferencing
Computer graphics
Projection equipment
Air conditioning
Induction loop for hard-of-hearing people