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Green Growth

Transforming economies for competitiveness and resilience?
25-26 February 2013

Can the future competitiveness and resilience of economies be enhanced by adopting or scaling up ‘green growth’ strategies. If so, how?

There is increased awareness of the roles that resource efficiency and environmental sustainability can play in ensuring economic competitiveness and resilience. What role does public policy have in addressing market failure around natural resources?

This conference will ask what the benefits and obstacles are to governments of adopting green growth policies and to businesses adopting green growth strategies. How can this economic transformation be made possible politically, and what tools and policies will enable it? What new economic models are emerging?

How can green growth rhetoric be turned into operational reality?

  • Will adopting ‘green growth’ policies enhance national competitiveness and resilience?

  • Economic, business and technological innovations

  • The policy environments that will enable investments to shift towards low carbon, resource efficient industries and business models

  • The fiscal and regulatory tools that promote growth whilst conserving natural capital and promoting resource efficiency

  • Pricing the environmental and social cost of natural resources

Keynote speakers: Lena Ek, Minister of the Environment, Sweden and Karl Falkenberg, Director General, DG Environment, European Commission.

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