The Angola Forum informs international policy related to Angola and anticipates emerging trends in the country's emerging regional and international policy.

Angola has been an important country focus for Chatham House since 1998, when the Angola Forum was founded. Since then, the Africa Programme has established itself as a globally influential centre for independent policy research on Angola. 

Angola is a complex and challenging country to understand and engage. Combined with cultural, linguistic and historical differences, most non-Portuguese speaking countries, such as the UK, have struggled to develop a strategic approach to the country until recently. Yet Angola is increasingly significant internationally with major oil reserves and an ambitious foreign policy. It also offers corresponding challenges of weak governance, significant corruption, human rights violations, and erratic foreign policy interventions.

Funded through the contributions of its members, the Angola Forum offers a unique setting for individuals, organizations and companies, both from the UK and internationally, to participate in forward looking, policy focussed and influential debate and research. The Forum also provides administrative and intellectual support for the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Angola. 

2012 was the tenth year of peace since the Luena Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 4 April 2002. This year will also be the year when the first elections under the new constitution are set to take place. The previous elections in 2008 were only the second in the history of Angola, and the first elections that did not result in conflict.


The work of the Forum is sponsored by BP, Banco Africano de Investimentos, De Beers, Exxon, Chevron, Standard Chartered Bank, Marathon Oil and Gas and Statoil.

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