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Middle East and North Africa Energy 2013

Adapting to new resource realities
28-29 January 2013

This conference will explore the intersection of energy, security, and international politics in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and ask how changing global and regional dynamics are affecting the energy industry in the region. It will ask how energy planners and businesses are adapting to the emergence of new leaders and investment terms, local resource constraints and intergenerational challenges.

  • What factors are influencing the change in global energy security outlook?
  • How resilient to price and generational pressures are regional economies?
  • How are the Middle East and North African governments investing revenues for national prosperity?
  • Where are the examples of best practice?

The event will bring together representatives of national and international oil companies, governments, key energy industry figures, commodity experts and commentators to assess the current situation and ask what lies ahead.


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