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International Economics at Chatham House produces policy-oriented research and analysis of the challenges facing the global economy. The department works with policy-makers and researchers around the globe to ensure that its independent analysis of global issues translates into practical and timely policy insight.


How to Fix the Euro
A new report examines why the economic and monetary union (EMU) was so badly affected by the global economic and financial crisis, and assesses whether further changes need to be made to the structure of economic governance that underpins it. Read.

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Equality Eludes Central Banks
The promotion of Janet Yellen and Karnit Flug is a good start, but women are still excluded from the world of monetary policymaking, writes Paola Subacchi for Project Syndicate.

HomesDangers of High Home Ownership
Evidence from the US strongly suggests that high home ownership is a major reason for the high unemployment rates of the industrialized nations in the post-war era.


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