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Russia and Eurasia

For over two decades the Russia and Eurasia Programme has been conducting independent research, organizing expert-level seminars and producing policy-oriented and scholarly publications on Russia and the independent states of Central Asia, the South Caucasus and the other westerly post-Soviet states.

UkraineUkraine: East or West?
Chatham House experts examine what the ongoing situation in Ukraine means for the protestors on the street, the Ukranian government, the EU and Vladimir Putin.
Expert Comment and Analysis.

Russia bookNew Book: Russia's Influence Abroad
James Sherr draws on his in-depth study of Russia over many years to explain and analyse the factors that have brought Russian influence back into play.

How to finish a revolutionHow to Finish a Revolution
Civil society in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine remains weak as citizens have little capacity to influence political developments, says this new paper.



  • The Robert Bosch Fellowship
    In partnership with the Robert Bosch Stiftung, we host Visiting Fellows from among the countries of the Eastern Partnership and Russia.
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