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International Security

International Security research at Chatham House has a long established reputation for high quality and policy relevant insight and analysis on a wide range of critical defence and security issues.


Illicit Drugs and International Security
In spite of a decades-long 'war on drugs', the global drug trade persists as a significant problem for international security. Are attitudes to the global problem of illicit drugs now starting to change? Read the new briefing paper.  

New Initiative on Internet Governance
CIGI and Chatham House have launched a Global Commission on Internet Governance, chaired by Carl Bildt, Sweden’s Minister of Foreign Affairs. More

Wartime Logistics in Afghanistan and Beyond
The UK and NATO military supply chain in Afghanistan could be used to achieve wider strategic aims following the drawdown, according to a new report. Read. 


Research Themes

We focus on key security challenges in cyberspace, identify policy responses and establish a knowledge base for public and private sector decision-makers and wider society.

This research area proposes innovative solutions to the complex security challenges we face today, testing alternative approaches to security dialogue, policy and operations.

Research informs the continuing defence and security debate and assesses future threats and challenges in the areas of arms control, non-proliferation, and maritime security.

With rapidly changing advancements in science and technology this research area explores the implications, opportunities and vulnerabilities of emerging science and technology on international security policy.

This research area takes a people-centered approach to security issues, focusing on terrorism, and the international drugs trade and organized crime.

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