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Work on the Americas at Chatham House concentrates on the changing international role of the United States.

Political Polarization in America
TIME Magazine columnist Joe Klein discussed the rise of partisanship in the US and argued that the country needs to reinvigorate a sense of citizenship and responsibility. 

Marco Rubio

The Power of Transatlantic Ties
Critics who claim influence is shifting away from the US and UK underestimate the power of their shared values of human rights and liberty, said US Senator Marco Rubio. Audio/Video/Transcript.

Hillary ClintonHillary Clinton Awarded Chatham House Prize
Prior to receiving this year's Chatham House Prize at an award ceremony, Secretary Clinton spoke at Chatham House on working to improve diplomatic ties with China, the crisis in Syria, and America's global role. More. 

US Pivot to AsiaRebalancing US Foreign Policy
America's future demands greater attention to the Asia-Pacific region, write Kurt Campbell and Brian Andrews. Read. And James Goldgeier says that America wants the EU to face up to its security responsibilities. Read.

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