Breaking the curse of corruption in Lebanon

Research paper Updated 20 July 2023 Published 29 June 2021 ISBN: 978 1 78413 478 5
Anti-corruption protesters on the streets on Lebanon.

Karim Merhej

Researcher, The Public Source

Lebanon is facing an unprecedented socio-economic crisis. Since the end of the civil war, corruption within the political elites – which have used the state as a vehicle for self-enrichment and patronage-distribution – has undermined the country’s recovery and development.

Following protests in October 2019, the government introduced several anti-corruption laws and the National Anti-Corruption Strategy in an attempt to pacify an angry public and enhance the country’s appeals for international funding.

While observers are sceptical that the anti-corruption measures will be implemented, Lebanon’s civil society has a chance to build on this momentum and to exert pressure, domestically and internationally, to demand genuine anti-corruption action and accountability.

An Arabic translation of the paper is available as a pdf via this link.