Syria and the Levant

Research focuses on the dynamics of the ongoing Syria crisis and the impact on its neighbours such as Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Israel.

Chatham House research on Syria focuses on the internal dynamics at both the macro and the micro levels, exploring the cultural, social, political, and economic costs of the war.

Our work considers the response of the country’s regional neighbours and the international community to the conflict and resulting refugee crisis, as well as the power dynamics among different local actors and their potential peacebuilding capabilities.

Syria research has been developed through four major projects: Syria and Its Neighbours (2014-17), Syria From Within (2017-19), Transformative Policies Towards Syria (2018-20), and State Dynamics in Syria (2020-21).

Since 2017, we have focused our research on the internal dynamics of Syria through the Syria From Within digital platform, offering fresh, ground-based analysis on dynamics inside the country as well as providing a platform for many Syrian experts from diverse backgrounds.