Our research and analysis focuses Latin America’s global economic and diplomatic engagement and socioeconomic development.

Mexico is a country of vast potential, enjoying close economic and diplomatic ties with its northern neighbours – the US and Canada – while exercising considerable influence with its neighbours to the south.
The country however has struggled to strengthen its institutions effectively and is often criticized for its weak criminal justice and public education systems, as well as poor checks against the abuse of power.

Successive governments have promised to develop a progressive foreign policy, with a focus on promoting human rights, equality, and women’s rights, however, domestically human rights and the rule of law remain concerns.
A target date of 2024 has been set to achieve ambitious gender goals such as employment parity, equal pay, and the application of a gender lens to every foreign-policy position.
The relationship between Mexico and its northern neighbours is inextricably linked, and the renegotiation of NAFTA and Mexico’s militarization of its battle with narcotics trafficking and its southern border to limit the flow of Central American immigration have been a point of debate in recent years with both domestic and international ramifications.
In Mexico, research has concentrated on UK-Mexican trade and investment ties and regional and international diplomacy.