The Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs offers potential and established leaders from around the world the opportunity to spend up to twelve months at Chatham House.

Launched in November 2014 by Chatham House’s patron HM The Queen, the Academy offers potential and established leaders from around the world the opportunity to spend up to twelve months as Academy fellows. Based in the unique and neutral venue of Chatham House, the Academy builds on the institute's international reputation for independent thinking, cutting-edge research and informed debate. It also takes advantage of Chatham House's location in the heart of London, one of the world's most vibrant and global cities. 

As policy challenges increasingly transcend borders and become more and more integrated there needs to be the expertise and leadership to address or mitigate them with understanding and perception. The shifting of power from West to East and North to South mean policy-makers must be aware of the global trends and cultural differences influencing positions. As a result, informed, open, accountable and values-driven leadership will become crucial to facing these interdependent challenges effectively.

The Academy therefore serves as a creative hub for individuals who recognize these trends, wish to explore them, and ultimately want to be effective actors in their chosen field be it academia, civil society, government, media, or non-profit organizations. Academy fellows are expected to use their fellowship to expand their skills, knowledge, network and self-awareness to grow their understanding, collaborate and to have their preconceptions challenged.

To achieve this, Academy fellows participate in a coordinated programme that includes expert discussions, engagement with key decision-makers and institutions, and personal development. These activities are supported by work fellows may undertake on existing Chatham House projects and on their own research project. In this way, fellows develop their thinking on the most pressing national and international challenges facing their countries and regions and work together to craft innovative responses.  

At the conclusion of their time with the Academy, fellows are expected to be more self-aware and effective practitioners, have made a substantive contribution to Chatham House’s work, and expanded their professional network to support them in their future roles. Fellows have the opportunity to continue their association with Chatham House beyond their fellowship and over time, the Academy's alumni will constitute an expanding cadre of decision-makers capable of working together to find solutions to complex policy problems and seize opportunities for future international cooperation.

'Through its Academy, the Royal Institute of International Affairs is advancing the cause of independent thought and informed and accountable leadership – a vital goal in efforts to ensure a more peaceful and secure world in the decades ahead.'

HM Queen Elizabeth II

'Through the Academy, Chatham House will be able to support independent thinking at a critical moment and within a growing community of individuals from around the world who will be involved in affecting policy at the national, regional and international level.' 

Dr Robin Niblett, Director of Chatham House

'This is a great opportunity for Chatham House to help develop the next generation of leaders around the world. During their time with the institute, fellows of the Academy will learn from each other, just as the institute's staff, members and guests will have the chance to learn from them.'

Xenia Wickett, Dean of the Queen Elizabeth II Academy