As research continues into the major causes, effects, definition and meaning of climate change, climate policies over the next few years are critical for keeping the "below 2˚C" goal within reach.

Individual states are being urged to revisit their contributions as the Paris Agreement enters into force and international forums, such as G7 and G20, play a crucial role in kickstarting these efforts. 

Areas of focus for Chatham House include assessing why our appetite for meat is a major driver of climate change, as reducing global meat consumption is critical to keeping global warming below the ‘danger level’ of two degrees celsius. 

The livestock sector accounts for a significant percentage of global emissions so moving to healthier patterns of meat-eating could hugely impact emissions reductions needed to keep on track.

To support climate change strategies, there is a drive to shift to a more sustainable model of economic growth, which means research into a circular economy approach - in which products are recycled, repaired or reused - is becoming more important.