South Asia

Research covers Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, with a focus on human rights, such as the rights of women, and attitudes to water in the region.

All the world’s religions live side-by-side in South Asia, and its economies are driven by a young population conscious of their growing importance to global geopolitics.

But each state faces serious policy and governance challenges that must be addressed, and the region remains home to some of the worst deprivation, poverty and conflict, with illiteracy, malnutrition, and disease still commonplace.

Access to water in South Asia – in particular the shared rivers of the region – is driving vociferous and antagonistic debate, and is becoming increasingly associated with national security as renewable water resources have fallen dramatically. Groundwater is fast depleting in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh and there are few easy options for increasing supply.

Other areas of interest include human rights in Sri Lanka, equitable growth, creating livable cities, and the status of women in many countries.

We also have dedicated country pages for AfghanistanIndia, and Pakistan