America's international role

Analysing international perceptions of the Joe Biden administration following the 2020 US presidential election, and exploring America’s place in the world.

This topic examines the US and transatlantic relations from an external perspective, analysing the impact and implications of America’s global leadership on other countries, and crucially on the influence and power of the world’s major multilateral institutions.

Following the Donald Trump presidency, there is a sense the new US adminstration led by Joe Biden will radically change the direction of US foreign policy and revitalize US domestic politics.

Internationally, the US has a crucial role to play in restoring confidence in democracy, as trust in democratic values has been backsliding globally for several years in the face of apparently powerful and competent authoritarianism elsewhere.

The words and actions of the US president and his supporters reverberate far beyond America’s borders, empowering certain actors while diminishing others. Competition with China is fierce and the US needs to work with its international partners to innovate, invest, and, importantly, deter.