European Union (EU)

Analysing core aspects of European integration – including the euro, free movement and the single market – as well as the political backlash facing the EU.

The EU faces a critical decade, where it will again have to grapple with questions about the euro, its internal structure, its politics and its global influence.

With unemployment painfully high in several countries and economic growth patchy, governments within the eurozone are in precarious financial positions. Youth unemployment is a particular concern, creating social problems and a fertile breeding ground for resentment towards the political mainstream and scepticism about the euro.

Other major issues include examining the EU’s relationship with the US, China, Russia, and Africa, as well as how it tackles global changes to energy and agriculture - while the vote by the UK to leave the European Union in June 2016 leaves the EU facing some of the biggest political issues in its history as it negotiates Brexit.