• Workers of Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co participate in an anti-cyber attack exercise at the Wolsong nuclear power plant in Gyeongju, South Korea. Photo by Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co via Getty Images.Chatham House Report

    Cyber Security at Civil Nuclear Facilities: Understanding the Risks

    The risk of a serious cyber attack on civil nuclear infrastructure is growing, as facilities become ever more reliant on digital systems and make increasing use of commercial ‘off-the-shelf’ software, according to a new Chatham House report.

    Caroline BaylonDavid Livingstone MBE DSC

    Roger Brunt, Nuclear Security Consultant

    Please note that Caroline Baylon is lead author on this publication.

  • Photo: Jacob Parakilas/Chatham House.Research paper

    The Asia-Pacific Power Balance: Beyond the US–China Narrative

    The predominant narrative of bipolarity between the United States and China is neither an accurate reflection of the Asia-Pacific region today nor a prediction of its future.

    Xenia WickettDr John Nilsson-WrightDr Tim Summers
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    Interview: Yuval Harari

    The author of the best-seller ‘Sapiens’ which relates the history of humankind over 70,000 years looks into the future and tells us that human bodies and minds will be the most important products of the 21st century

    715Alan Philps
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    Why India is cosying up to Bangladesh

    The neighbours are seeking a better understanding

    715Charu Lata Hogg
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    Migrants willkommen

    Merkel’s main challenge will be to ensure Germans stay positive about their new integration project


    Kate Connolly is the Berlin Correspondent for The Guardian and The Observer

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    New ways to recast the European welfare state

    How can states make spending on social policies more viable?

    715Professor Iain Begg
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    A troubled euro needs a softer Germany

    Austerity is damaging the eurozone but with better policies it can flourish


    Charles Grant is Director of the Centre for European Reform

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    Expert view: Russia steps into Syria

    The West should now push for a political settlement

    715Hassan Hassan
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    Review: How the assassination of Rabin spelt the end of the peace process

    Killing a King
    Dan Ephron 
    WW Norton & Company, £17.99

    The Gatekeepers: Inside Israel’s Internal Security Agency
    Dror Moreh
    Skyhorse Publishing, £16.50

    715Professor Yossi Mekelberg
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    Opening the archives: The USSR’s voice of opposition

    At their gatherings Soviet dissidents would share an ironic toast while raising their glasses, ‘To our hopeless cause!’ This reinforces the common view that opponents of the Communist regime were often intelligent people who did not expect their activities to change the system.


    John Crowfoot