• Cpl Ryan Dills communicates with other assault amphibious vehicles during the Rim of the Pacific multinational military exercise on 18 July 2016. Photo: US Marine Corps photo by Staff Sgt. Christopher Giannetti.Research paper

    US Election Note: Defence Policy After 2016

    Whatever the outcome, this is one of the most consequential presidential elections in US history, and it will shape the future of the United States’ role in the world for years, even decades, to come.

    Julianne SmithRachel RizzoResearch Associate, Strategy and Statecraft Program, CNASAdam TwardowskiJoseph S Nye Jr Research Intern, Strategy and Statecraft Program, CNAS
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    A peace agreement and challenges ahead

    The June 23 ceasefire is undoubtedly a major step towards ending the rural insurgency which has plagued Colombia for the past half century. But the peace process is still at a delicate stage, and many challenges remain
    Mariano Aguirre is Director of the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF), in Oslo
  • Climate change demonstrators hold up a sign with the text 'system change not climate change' in front of the Eiffel Tower. Photo: NurPhoto/NurPhoto via Getty Images.Research paper

    Paris Mismatches: The Impact of the COP21 Climate Change Negotiations on the Oil and Gas Industries

    In order to meet the agreed climate target of the Paris Agreement, it is inevitable that the upcoming review will aim at tougher policies. As a result, the impact on the oil and gas sector will intensify.

    John V MitchellBeth MitchellConsultant
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    Britain’s new global role after Brexit

    The decision to leave the EU has shaken the foundations of Britain and her role in the world. Quentin Peel sets the scene for a series of articles on Britain’s future
    Quentin Peel
  • A protester waves Turkey's national flag in front of the Russian consulate during a demonstration against Russia's Syria policy on 24 November 24 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. Photo: OZAN KOSE/AFP/Getty Images.Research paper

    Transatlantic Rifts: Averting a Turkey/Russia Conflict

    Based on a workshop which played out a scenario of rising tensions between Turkey and Russia, this paper finds that the situation would have to escalate dramatically to threaten transatlantic unity.

    Xenia WickettDr Jacob Parakilas
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    Preparing for the UK's Brexit Negotiation

    Theresa May, the new British prime minister, faces a central challenge in deciding the UK’s next steps towards the EU. On the one hand, a clear majority of the British electorate voted in the 23 June referendum for Britain to leave the EU. She has no choice but to follow through on the result. On the other, Leave supporters did not vote for a specific version of Brexit. Alongside the many who were determined to free the country from the costs and constraints of EU membership, the majority included an anti-austerity and anti-globalization protest vote and those with a vision of a buccaneering ‘global Britain’.
    Dr Robin Niblett CMG
  • A father and daughter from Homs, in Syria, walk in the street outside the building in which they live in Zarka, Jordan, on 8 September 2015. Photo by Sam Tarling/Corbis via Getty Images.Research paper

    Refugees and Energy Resilience in Jordan

    The Syrian refugee crisis is increasing energy and water stresses in neighbouring countries like Jordan. International aid flows offer an opportunity to build long-term resilience to shortages.

    Glada LahnOwen GrafhamAdel Elsayed SparrSenior Research Fellow and Deputy Director, West Asia-North Africa (WANA) Institute, Jordan
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    Global crises are met by perplexity

    The people in the hall at the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel were supposed to know the answers. Government officials, policy experts, business people and journalists, had come from all over the world to attend Chatham House’s third London Conference on June 16-17.
    Andrei Soldatov,Russian investigative journalist and co-author of ‘The Red Web: The Struggle between Russia’s Digital Dictators and the New Online Revolutionaries’ (Public Affairs)
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    Britain could join India in a maritime coalition

    C Raja Mohan looks at a rejuvenated Commonwealth
    C Raja Mohan is Director, Carnegie India, New Delhi. His most recent book is ‘Modi’s World: Expanding India’s Sphere of Influence’
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    Headlong dash for the exits