Information about our regular publications, magazine and leading academic journals, plus our major books written by renowned experts.

We publish a wide range of reports, research papers and briefing papers. Our highly respected journals, International Affairs and the Journal of Cyber Policy, and our magazine The World Today, are required reading for policymakers seeking to understand strategic challenges in international affairs.


We also publish occasional books, such as through the Insights book series, published in collaboration with Brookings. Our journals, magazine and books provide forums for debate and include articles by experts who may not be directly affiliated with Chatham House. The views expressed in all publications are those of the contributors. Chatham House does not take institutional positions.

Permission requests

Chatham House can licence its published material to interested parties if certain criteria are met and if publications are correctly credited.

We work with the Publishers’ Licensing Services (PLS). To request permission to reproduce material from a Chatham House publication, please submit your request via the PLS Clear website.

On the PLSclear website, search for the publication title in the searchbar and then fill in the online form, entering full details of the extract you wish to reuse. In cases where more than 400 words, or more than two charts, are being reproduced charges may apply.

For book reprints, translation requests, or general publications enquiries, please email us.