Chatham House welcomes 2021 interns

Interns will gain invaluable, practical learning opportunities about shaping policy, influencing debate and creating real change.

News release Published 28 September 2021 Updated 15 September 2023

Press Office

Chatham House is excited to welcome the inaugural cohort to the Molchanov Sustainability Internship Programme. Introduced in January 2021, the programme has been made possible following the gift of Pavel Molchanov, to support the next generation of leaders in sustainability.

The internships grant invaluable, practical learning opportunities about shaping policy, influencing debate and creating real change towards a sustainable future.

Over the course of 12 weeks, interns will work alongside internationally respected experts in Chatham House programmes on projects relating to sustainable cities, climate change, global health, the circular economy, COP26, emerging technology, conflict prevention, security policy and governance.

Alis Martin, Internships and Outreach Manager at Chatham House, said:

‘We are very excited to strengthen the talents of these young professionals, but more importantly, we feel lucky to learn and grow from their insights and perspectives.

‘I am grateful that we have this opportunity to get to know them, have them work alongside our teams, and share what it’s like to be part of Chatham House.’

Mr Molchanov said he was delighted to be helping to develop future leaders in the field of sustainability.

‘Having spent one and a half decades studying sustainability, I believe it is vital to bring young professionals into this field. Not only that, but also to encourage them to look at sustainability from a wide range of perspectives, which the first cohort of Molchanov Interns exemplifies.

‘I am confident that this group will set a strong precedent for those to come. Needless to say, all internships have been difficult against the backdrop of the pandemic, making this initial milestone a particularly gratifying one.’

George Berry, intern, International Security Programme, said:

‘This internship is going to allow me to get a great insight into what a career in policy and research might practically look like, which is otherwise quite hard to find out. I’m really looking forward to developing my understanding of the cybersecurity field further with the International Security Programme cyber team, and getting involved in the upcoming Cyber 2021 conference’.

Zoe Kamangira, intern, Communications and Publishing, said:

‘I am excited to be contributing towards youth engagement through the Common Futures Conversations. This internship will provide insightful opportunity to see how a diverse group of young people from Europe and Africa are engaging with each other and with policymakers in order to contribute to sustainable solutions to global challenges.’

Ani Martirossian*, intern, the Queen Elizabeth II Academy for Leadership in International Affairs, said:

‘While my broader interests lie within sustainability and social equality, exposure to the Academy fellowships in a range of different areas will support me in narrowing and defining my future career aspirations’.

Kayla Arnold, intern, Centre for Universal Health, said:

‘I applied for this internship as I am passionate about global health security and the social-political aspects of health, and am eager to work on Chatham House projects that align so closely with my research interests. I am hoping to improve my skills in research to be well prepared for a career spanning the international affairs, policy, and humanitarian arenas.’ 

Arpana Giritharan, intern, Environment and Society Programme, said:

‘I have a keen interest in the science-policy interface which is critical in addressing environmental challenges. The Environment and Society Programme tackles timely issues through an interdisciplinary lens, and I am excited to learn more about how different policy actors come together to solve challenges in this critical year for the environment.’

Otobong Mmah, intern Africa Programme, said:

‘I applied for this internship after following the pioneering work of the Africa Programme for a long time. I’m most looking forward to developing my knowledge of African affairs and understanding how sustainability fits into the independent policy research that Chatham House carries out.’

Helena Fazeli, intern, Sustainability Accelerator, said:

‘As someone who is interested in the wide range of topics encompassed within sustainability, and who does not have a set career plan, I was drawn to the opportunity this internship programme offers to develop skills that I can bring with me to any future role.

‘Indeed, beyond working with your host programme and developing subject knowledge, you are also pushed to think beyond thematic boundaries (by being part of a diverse cohort of interns and collaborating with other Chatham House  teams through various projects – something I believe is key to building a sustainable future), to gain practical skills (in research, writing, communications, event management, public speaking etc.) and to build the network required to continue within this field.’

(*Ani’s internship is sponsored by the Robert Bosch Stiftung funded alumni project, but is listed here as the full list of 2021 interns).