Africa Aware: How gold fuels the war in Sudan

In this episode, guests discuss gold’s connection to the current war and transnational dynamics.

35 minute listen

As the devastating war in Sudan nears the one-year mark, it remains fuelled by transnational military business networks. One such sector funding the military activities in Sudan’s gold sector.

In this episode, Ahmed Soliman discusses his upcoming research on the Sudan conflict and its link to the gold sector – from how gold has evolved as a ‘conflict good,’ its connection to the current war and transnational dynamics. 

Dr Suliman Baldo (Executive Director, Sudan Transparency and Policy Tracker) gives an overview of key political shifts in Sudan’s history that have facilitated links with the country’s gold sector. 

Denise Sprimont-Vasquez joins the podcast to discuss the economic activities and illicit networks that are fuelling the war.

This episode was produced with support from the Cross-Border Conflict Evidence, Policy, and Trends (XCEPT) research programme, funded by UK International Development.