The World in Brief: Artificial intelligence

Europe draws up regulations to control AI risks

The World Today Published 4 June 2021 2 minute READ

Nairomi Eriksson

Former Coordinator, Communications and Publishing

The European Union has created the world’s first encompassing legal framework for artificial intelligence. The European Commission’s proposals set out rules for the oversight of AI and its regulation.

Instead of dealing with the vast majority of current AI uses, which represent minimal risk to Europe’s citizens, the proposals focus on riskier applications. 

Any system that poses a potential threat to a person’s rights or safety will be banned, for example systems that allow social scoring by governments or that can manipulate people through subliminal techniques.

Other systems that are considered ‘high-risk’ – AI sotware used in areas such as policing, migration management, scoring of examinations or recruitment procedures – will be subject to strict obligations concerning data quality and transparency before they can be put on the market. 

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