Q&A: Melina Abdullah

The co-founder of the Black Lives Movement, which won the Chatham House Centenary Diversity Champion Award, on lessons in organizing and what gives her hope

The World Today Published 21 October 2021 3 minute READ

Melina Abdullah

Co-founder, Black Lives Matter

The Black Lives Matter movement began in the United States but has resonated globally with movements aligning the call for racial justice with their own respective local struggles. What do you make of this global dimension? 

I think that it is encouraging that people all around the world are able to see the injustice that is happening in the United States. As we opened the Chatham House Centenary event, I spoke the names of black people who were killed by police in the US, but I also mentioned names like Mark Duggan, Joy Gardner, Sean Rigg and Paul Coker here in Britain.  

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