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Guidelines for contributors

The World Today is a magazine founded in 1945 with the aim of stimulating debate on issues of international policy. It seeks to  provide timely and fresh insights for governments, businesses, the media and NGOs, while broadening the reach of Chatham House to schools and universities.

The printed magazine, published six times a year, reaches subscribers in more than 90 countries. The current issue is available free on our website and we use social media to raise the visibility of our content. Follow us on Twitter @TheWorldToday and like our Facebook page.  The online archive is restricted to subscribers and members of Chatham House.      

Conributors should aim for a lively style which makes complex subjects intelligible to the interested general reader while offering fresh perspectives to experts. Authors should eschew think-tank jargon and pious sentiment.

Proposals for articles should be sent to the Editor who should a reply within a week. Articles should be original and typically 1200-1500 words in length. We can occasionally accommodate longer reads of 2000-2500 words.  Book reviews should be 900 words.

Articles are accepted on the basis that they will be edited for style and length to fit the magazine format. Proofs will be sent out in advance of publication for checking.

The World Today is not an academic journal and we do not use footnotes in the magazine. Where a source is important it should be indicated in the text in a such way that a curious reader can find the reference.   

The magazine normally expects contributors to cede copyright of their contributions.

Alan Philps