Carbon neutrality and energy security in the UK and EU

Together, Chatham House and ICEED are monitoring trends and evaluating key issues around carbon neutrality and energy security.

Chatham House and the International Council on Environmental Economics and Development (ICEED) have partnered to coordinate their research and analysis on carbon neutrality and energy security.


Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has shocked global politics and global markets. While there is uncertainty over how the war will develop, it is certain that the ramifications for societies around the world will certainly be both long-lasting and far-reaching.

At the same time, to keep 1.5°C within reach, it will be absolutely essential that governments enhance their climate commitments and ensure that net-zero policies are implemented.

Over the next five years, a high-quality research team formed from the two institutions will monitor, research and analyze insights about carbon neutrality and energy security regulations and policies with a particular focus on the European Union and the UK.

This project is directed by Co-director Antony Froggatt (Chatham House) and Co-director Kazunao Sato (Executive Director of ICEED).