Commission for Universal Health

The Commission for Universal Health brings together leaders in health, economics and politics to encourage a new generation of universal health reforms.

History shows that many of the world’s universal health systems emerged from public health emergencies, financial crises or major conflicts. This includes New Zealand after the Great Depression, the UK after World War II, Thailand after the Asian Financial Crisis, and the re-socializing of China’s health financing system after the SARS epidemic. Could today’s global leaders capitalize on the COVID-19 crisis to catalyze a new wave of universal health reforms?

As the Commission Secretariat, Chatham House will draw on the extensive expertise of the commissioners to develop research on successful post-crisis transitions to universal health.

The Commission will bring together leaders from the world of health, economics and politics across the public and private sectors and civil society.

It will identify opportunities for universal health reforms, build awareness of the findings among governments and multilateral organisations and develop clear policy options to address coverage shortfalls, strengthen health systems and accelerate progress towards universal health.

The Commission will run from spring 2022 to December 2024.

Watch the launch of the Commission at the Chatham House London Conference 2022 on our youtube channel.

Read about the launch of the commission in The Lancet and The Times.